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1.Simple Select statement
2.Select Two Entities
3.Get Two Properties From Entity
4.Get String Properties From Entities
5.Retrieve Inner Entity
6.Retrieve in One to Many Mapping
7.Reference Two Entities In Where Clause
8.Retrieve Entity Fields
9.Create Sub Query With Entities

10.Use OrderBy Clause
11.Order By Two Columns
12.Order By Descending
13.EJB QL: Having clause
14.All Operator in EJB QL
15.EJB QL: Where Clause With SubQuery
16.Using Exists clause
17.Aggregate function: Count And Avg
18.EJB QL: Concat Function With Substring
19.Aggregate function: AVG
20.Use Size Function To Check Collection
21.Use In With One To One Mapping
22.Not IN
23.Not Exist With Subquery
24.Not Empty
25.Match Single Character And Multiple Characters
26.MemberOf function
27.OBJECT Funtion
28.Left Join
29.Join Two Entities in One To One Mapping
30.Join Two Entities in Many To One Mapping
31.Join Three Entities
32.Join Fetch
33.Using In function
34.Group By With Count
35.Escape wildcard
36.Entity Join With Condition
37.Empty Value
38.Distinct function
39.Count Entities
40.Count Collection
41.Conditional operator: AND
43.AVG With GroupBy clause
44.Any With Subquery
45.Subquery in EJB QL