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Get Parent URI

  Milyn - Copyright (C) 2006

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  modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
  License (version 2.1) as published by the Free Software

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  See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details:


 * {@link} utility methods.
 * @author <a href=""></a>
public abstract class URIUtil {

     * Get the parent URI of the supplied URI
     * @param uri The input URI for which the parent URI is being requrested.
     * @return The parent URI.  Returns a URI instance equivalent to "../" if
     * the supplied URI path has no parent.
     * @throws URISyntaxException Failed to reconstruct the parent URI.
    public static URI getParent(URI uri) throws URISyntaxException {

        String parentPath = new File(uri.getPath()).getParent();

        if(parentPath == null) {
            return new URI("../");

        return new URI(uri.getScheme(), uri.getUserInfo(), uri.getHost(), uri.getPort(), parentPath.replace('\\', '/'), uri.getQuery(), uri.getFragment());


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