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3.Math: abs(int value)
4.Math.cbrt(double a) Returns the cube root of a double value.
5.Math: ceil(float value)
6.Math: copySign(double magnitude, double sign)
7.Math: cos(double doubleValue)
8.Math: exp(double a)
9.Math: floor(float value)

10.Math: getExponent(double d)
11.Math.hypot(double x, double y) Returns sqrt(x2 +y2) without intermediate overflow or underflow.
12.Math: log(double doubleValue)
13.Math.log10(double a)
14.Math: max(int value1, int value2)
15.Math: min(double a, double b)
16.Math: min(int value1, int value2)
17.Math: nextAfter(double start, double direction)
18.Math: nextUp(double d)
19.Math: pow(int a, int b)
20.Math: random()
21.Math.round(double a)
22.Math: scalb(double d, int scaleFactor)
23.Math.signum(float f)
24.Math: sin(double doubleValue)
25.Math.sqrt(int intValue)
26.Math: tan(double doubleValue)
27.Math: toDegrees(double theta)
28.Math: toRadians(double theta)