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1.Demo all methods in Date class many days Between two dates
3.Today's Date
4.Display date: day month year in string
5.Date: date, month, and year.
6.Set date: setDate, setHour
7.UTC time: getUTCDate returns the Universal Coordinated Time
8.Display weekday: name of the current day
9.Display full date : complete date with the day name and month name

10.Display time: continues writing time per second.
11.Date: Week of the year
12.Display current date: year, month day in number
13.Extending the Date Object to Include Some New Methods
14.Methods and Properties of the Date Object
15.Using the Date Object
16.Output day
17.A Dynamic Welcome Message
18.How Many Days Until Christmas
19.Summer Games Countdown
20.Simple Date Validation
21.GMT Calculator
22.Days Before Next Christmas Xmas
23.Get how many days before a date