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1.Searching and Replacing Substrings
2.Regular Expression Tester
3.The Regular Expression Tester
4.Regular Expression Match Workshop
5.Regular Expressions: Looking for a Match
6.Regular Expressions: Extracting Data from a Match
7.Regular Expressions: Replacing Strings via Regular Expressions
8.check Date format
9.Split comma number string

10.Use regular expression to validate url
11.String match pattern: (.*)
12.Whether a string is a valid phone number
13.String replace with regular expression
14.Finding a substring within a string
15.Whether a string contains only numerical data
16.Validate an email
17.Using regular expressions to validate an email
18.Using regular expression (callback function)
19.Split a string array and get token
20.Trim a string with regular expression from both sides
21.The Backslash in RegExp
22.Regular Expression Switch
23.Try your regular expression here