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1.Catches and manages the mouse's events
2.Mouse and key event (IE)
3.Mouse in image and out
4.Image Mouse on and out
5.Mouse cross hairs
6.Mouse Drag and Drop
7. Creating a Rollover Effect
8.Codependent Link Tag and the onMouseOver Event
9.Which mouse button was clicked?

10.Which element was clicked
11.Mouse over event
12.Get component From Point (Mouse)
13.Cutting and Pasting under Script Control
14.Using Drag-Related Event Handlers
15. Using onDragEnter and onDragLeave Event Handlers
16.Using onMouseDown and onMouseUp Event Handlers
17.Dragging Elements with onMouseMove
18.Using the toElement and fromElement Properties
19. The onBeforeCopy Event Handler
20.Called from an onmousedown event handler
21.Mousedown event handler of an object within a Layer
22.Cursor Arrival and Departure
23.Use Mouse over action to transfer url location
24.Get mouse position with on mouse move event (IE)
25.Get mouse position in mouse down event (IE)
26.H1 double click events
27.Return boolean value for on click event
28.Register mouse down event(IE)