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1.Create a form panel and add to window
2.Create form panel and add to window
3.Add fields to form panel
4.Render form panel to html body
5.Set width, height and title for form panel
6.Set defaults alert message target and anchor offset
7.Set label width and default control type
8.Set reader for form field
9.Set url for FormPanel

10.Get raw value from form field
11.Set monitorValid = true and monitorPoll = 50
12.By virtue of inheriting from the Ext Container class, an Ext.form.FormPanel can contain any Ext Component.
13.Set defaults: {width: 230} for FormPanel
14.forms can contain TabPanel(s)
15.Use addButton method to add buttons to a FormPanel
16.Titled border for FormPanel
17.Add button for a FormPanel and set Label text