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1.Create tool bar with two buttons
2.Add tool bar to window
3.Create Toolbar Fill
4.Button toolbar
5.Create Pre-defined mark to define tool bar
6.Add split buttons with icons to Toolbar
7.Add menu buttons with icon classes to a Toolbar
8.Add group to Toolbar(Office 2007 style)
9.Multi columns (No titles, double stack)

10.Mix and match icon sizes to create a huge unusable toolbar
11.Add combobox to toolbar
12.Set toolbar height
13.Render Toolbar to document body
14.Add plain button to Toolbar
15.Add menu button to Toolbar
16.Add split button to Toolbar
17.Add separator to Toolbar
18.Align buttons all the way to the right
19.Add icon button to Toolbar
20.Set icon class for buttons in a Toolbar