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Periodically Updating the Text Displayed by an HTML Element


Mastering JavaScript, Premium Edition
by James Jaworski 

Publisher Sybex CopyRight 2001
<title>Replacing Text</title>
<script language="JavaScript">
var msgIX = 0
var msgs = new Array(
 "Notice anything different?",
 "The text you are looking at has changed.",
 "This is a handy way of sending messages to your users."
function scrollMessages(milliseconds) {
 window.setInterval("displayMessage()", milliseconds)
function displayMessage() {
 if(document.getElementById != null) {
  var heading = document.getElementById("scrollme")
  heading.firstChild.nodeValue = msgs[msgIX]
  if(navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") {
   var heading = document.all.item("scrollme")
   heading.innerText = msgs[msgIX]
 msgIX %= msgs.length
<body onload="scrollMessages(2000)">
<h1 align="center" id="scrollme">Watch this text very carefully!</h1>


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