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1.Specifies the output device for the object
2.Link Methods
3.Link 'href' Example
4.Link 'hreflang' Example
5.Link color
6.Link protocol
7.Link 'port'
8.Link 'title' Example
9.Link type

10.Link host
11.Link host name
12.'aLink' Example
13.'hideFocus' Example
14.'vLink' Example
15.'vlinkColor' Example
16.'alinkColor' Example
17.Inserts a link on a text, a picture, a button or a dynamic picture
18.Mouse over an hyper link
19.Get link infomation in a paragraph
20.Validate Link
21.Output link
22.Illustrate how a URL can be referenced
23.Call function in hyper link
24.Change Link Colors
25.Passing Form Value In URL
26.Using JavaScript linkTo Entities
27.Prevent the browser from following the link
28.Redirect user depending on browser
29.Location: Send the client to a new location (URL/page)
30.URL of a document
31.Change URL and text of a hyperlink
32.Change the target attribute of a link
33.Link focus() and blur()
34.View and change the action URL of a form
35.List the links in a page