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Layer seek

// Seek nested NN4 layer from string name
function seekLayer(doc, name) {
    var theObj;
    for (var i = 0; i < doc.layers.length; i++) {
        if (doc.layers[i].name == name) {
            theObj = doc.layers[i];
        // dive into nested layers if necessary
        if (doc.layers[i].document.layers.length > 0) {
            theObj = seekLayer(document.layers[i].document, name);
    return theObj;

// Convert object name string or object reference
// into a valid element object reference
function getRawObject(obj) {
    var theObj;
    if (typeof obj == "string") {
        if (isW3C) {
            theObj = document.getElementById(obj);
        } else if (isIE4) {
            theObj = document.all(obj);
        } else if (isNN4) {
            theObj = seekLayer(document, obj);
    } else {
        // pass through object reference
        theObj = obj;
    return theObj;


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