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2.Convert color from RGB value
3.Convert Hex string to color
4.Convert string to color
5.Convert RGB string to color
7.Color to HSL value
9.Convert color to HSL string

10.Convert color from HSL value
11.Reference components from HSL value
12.Convert HSL value to color and convert from RGB
13.Reference components from a HSL color
14.Color.fromName: Convert static string to color: aqua, transparent
15.Transparent color
16.Color.fromString: Covnert static string to color
17.Color.fromRGBString("rgba( 0, 255, 255, 50%)").asRGB().a
18.Convert color value to HSV
19.Convert HSV value to color
20.Reference components from HSV value
21.Get color from tag style
22.Convert string(2005-2-3) to iso Date
23.Compare two colors
24.Static color methods in Color class
25.Default colors are interned
26.Demo of MochiKit.Color