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1.Create, position, and size the slider and its two children (_track and _thumb) make the thumb drag-repositionable
2.Make slider thumb draggable calculate and set constrained thumb position when dragging
3.Add value and sliderTarget properties, calculate new value when thumb is moved, send sliderMove message to sliderTarget when thumb is moved
4.Add value setter and getter methods and use setter to init value
5.Add valueChanged() observable method
6.Convert track and thumb to StretchImg and Img widgets
7.Specify skin directory and images
8.Add mouse handlers to set the thumb's state
9.Add a custom cursor to the thumb

10.Use Slider to set the border width
11.Number slider
12.Vertical Slider, min value, max value
13.Value changed event for Slider
14.Horizontal slider
15.Use slider to create a color mixer
16.Error checking of newValue in setValue()