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1.Handling Calendar Events
2.Calendar and Select Fields
3.Calendar and Text Fields
4.Calendar Localization - Germany
5.Calendar Localization - Japan
6.Calendar range: Minimum/Maximum Dates
7.Multi-Select Calendar
8.Interval Selection Calendar
9.Popup Calendar - Basic

10.Calendar employs a feature called the Render Stack to allow you to customize the way that certain date cells are rendered on the Calendar
11.Calendar control wrapped in a Container (a Dialog control in this case) allows you to leverage Container features to position the Calendar
12.The CalendarGroup control is a specialized version of the Calendar control which allows you to display multiple months (pages) together
13.Walk you through the steps needed to get a default Calendar up and running.
14.Enable/configure Calendar Navigator and jump to a specific year/month without scrolling through months sequentially.
15.Calendar Menu Button with Date on Button Face