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1.Use Dom's getStyle method to get the background color of the red element and pass it to the setStyle method
2.Use Dom's getXY method to get the position of the red element and pass it to the setXY method
3.Use Dom's hasClass method to test if the element has the class baz applied.
4.DOM API: get(id)
5.DOM API: get(id, child id)
6.DOM API: getAncestorByTagName('div', 'one')
7.DOM API: getAncestorByClassName('listItem')
8.DOM API: getChildren('demoList')
9.DOM API: getElementsBy()

10.DOM API: getElementsByClassName('specialItems')
11.DOM API: getFirstChild('demoList')
15.isAncestor('demo', 'one')
16.insertBefore(li, 'one')
17.insertAfter(li, 'one')
18.Dynamically update table cell
19.Use Dom's setStyle method to set the opacity of the element.
20.Use Dom's setXY method to position the element to the click point.
21.Use Dom's removeClass method to remove the class baz from the element.
22.Using filter