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1.Datatable with Autocomplete
2.DataTable's basic feature set.
3.Basic inline cell editing features, input validation and click-to-save interactions.
4.Cell-Block Selection Mode with Support for Modifier Keys
5.Example: Cell-Range Selection Mode Support for Modifier Keys
6.Single-Cell Selection Mode with Modifier Keys Disabled
7.Client-side Pagination
8.Client-side Sorting
9.Pageable DataTable

10.Double click to popup the cell editor
11.DataTable scroll: XY-scrolling, Y-scrolling, and X-scrolling
12.Custom Cell Formatting
13.Highlighting Cells, Rows, or Columns
14.Nested Headers
15.This DataTable polls for data from its DataSource every 5 seconds
16.Conditional row coloring
17.Populates a DataTable with data received via XHR from the Yahoo! Local webservice.
18.Create a DataTable instance based on markup that already exists on the page. By progressively enhancing markup with higher order functionality.
19.Adding, Updating, and Deleting Rows
20.Single-Row Selection with Modifier Keys Disabled
21.Standard Row Selection with Support for Modifier Keys
22.Showing, Hiding, and Reordering Columns