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1.Basic Drag and Drop
2.Implement a custom click validator to make a circular drag and drop implementation.
3.Implement a circular drag object
4.Drag and drop: Using Interaction Groups
5.Drag and drop Interaction Mode: Intersect
6.Drag and drop Interaction Mode: Point
7.Use drag handles to control the specific places within an element from which a drag can be initiated.
8.Keeping the dragged element on top of the others by changing its z-index property during the drag.
9.Drag and drop using a proxy element.

10.Keep draggable elements from being dragged out of a region.
11.Use ghosting and manipulate the proxy element.
12.This example shows the use of the drag shim when dragging nodes over other troublesome nodes.
13.Create a list that can have the order changed with the Drag & Drop Utility.