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1.Animation: border width
2.Animation call back
3.Cascade animation
4.Animation in sequence
5.Animation: easing in
6.Animation: font size
7.Animation: height
8.Linear animation
9.Animation: movement

10.Animation: opacity
11.Animation queue
12.Animation: show
13.Animation: toggle
14.Width changing animation
15.Stop an animation
16.Cascade fade out animation
17.jQuery animation: resize and change color
18.Animate width and height
19.Show the length of the queue.
20.Animates all paragraphs to fade out, completing the animation within 600 milliseconds.
21.Animates first paragraph to fade to an opacity of 0.33 (33%, about one third visible), completing the animation within 600 milliseconds.
22.dequeue(): Removes a queued function and executes it.
23.Use dequeue to end a custom queue function which allows the queue to keep going.
24.queue() Returns a reference to the first element's queue (which is an array of functions).
25.queue(callback): Adds a new function, to be executed, onto the end of the queue of all matched elements.
26.Width animation