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1.Add column to a table
2.Change table row background
3.Use for each function to loop through table row
4.Strip a table
5.Toggle Strips
6.To add a special style to table cells that are being hovered over,
7.To toggle a style on table cells:
8.Fade in a table
9.If table row has table data cell

10.Finds all table cell that are empty - they don't have child elements or text.
11.Finds odd table rows, matching the second, fourth and so on
12.Finds the first table row.
13.Finds the third td.
14.Choose the third table cell
15.Remove a table
16.Empty all table data
17.Clone table row
18.Table data hover
19.Append to table body
20.Add table row to table body
21.Append value to table body