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1.jQuery UI Draggable - Constrain movement
2.jQuery UI Draggable - Cursor style
3.jQuery UI Draggable - Default functionality
4.jQuery UI Draggable - Delay start
5.jQuery UI Draggable - Events
6.jQuery UI Draggable - Handles
7.jQuery UI Draggable - Revert position
8.jQuery UI Draggable - Auto-scroll
9.jQuery UI Draggable - Snap to element or grid

10.jQuery UI Draggable + Sortable
11.jQuery UI Draggable - Visual feedback
12.Change cursor for draggable tag
13.Set cursor position for the draggable
14.Can only drag along with axis y
15.Drag delay
16.Drag along a grid
17.Add border to the draggable
18.Only draggable inside parent
19.Add dragging stopped event handler
20.revert: true (fly back)
21.Snap to another
22.start and stop events
23.Disable, enable and destroy the draggable object
24.Set the handles for all directions
25.Add knobHandles