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1.COUNT(column) and COUNT(*): count the number of rows passed into the function.
2.Syntax: COUNT([DISTINCT]|[ALL] )
3.Using GROUP BY would tell us how many cars from each vendor we have on the lot:
4.Find out which maker has a null value car with count()
5.-Using the COUNT function in Having clause
6.Example using the COUNT function with group by clause
7.Count with group by: count for a group value
8.Get the number of rows in each city group using the COUNT() function
9.count null

10.Column alias name for count function
11.Count(*) - count(column_Name)
12.count distinct column value
14.count(distinct state)
15.Count(*) and column renaming
16.Count() with where clause
17.Count date field value, and calculation
18.Count department and calculate average salary
19.Count employee in a department after grouping by department id
20.Count employee, group by department id and job title
21.count(*) - count(onhand)
22.count(*) vs count(column name)