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1.NVL: Returns a substitute (some other value) if a value is null
2.NVL: Supply an NVL default that is of a different datatype
3.NVL: Provide default value for NULL
4.Use NVL() to convert number columns and date columns
5.NVL() deals with date value
6.Combine nvl and to_char
7.select nvl( '', 'Yes '''' is null' ) "Evaluate"
8. nvl( e2.ename, 'NO BOSS! PARTY TIME!' )
9.Use nvl in a function

10.Use TRUNC function in NVL function
11.This will fail, because the datatypes of the two arguments are different
12.Accommodate the datatype difference by placing a TO_CHAR function around the LAST_STOCK_DATE
13.Use NVL to check nullment in PL/SQL
14.Use Nvl function in math calculation for null value