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1.Syntax: DECODE
2.Decode char value to number
3.Decode statement could be easily rewritten using the CASE statement
4.Decode for more than one key value pair
5.Use Decode as if statement to logic like 'if then else'
7.Create a report that shows number of customers per state.
8.Use DECODE and SIGN functions on the ORD table
9.Extract any procedure, function or package

10.Decode the result from row_number over, partition by, order by
11.Decode a column with substr and instr
12.DECODE and substr function
13.Format nullable heading
14.DECODE in the GROUP BY clause
15.Demo range comparison with DECODE
16.Use decode as if statement and output 'high' or 'low'
17.Use decode create dynamic select statement
18.decode column data to output more meaningful information