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1.Below is a function that demonstrates how to use the FETCH statement
2.Fetch value from cursor
3.Fetches the records from a cursor variable that returns employee information
4.Fetch cursor to two variables and illegal FETCH statements.
6."ORA-1002: fetch out of sequence" because of the commit inside the SELECT..FOR UPDATE loop.
7.A WHILE cursor fetch loop.
8.Different BULK_COLLECT statements used for bulk binds
9.Check Cursor%FOUND after fetching

10.Fetch value in cursor until NOTFOUND
11.ORA-01002: fetch out of sequence
12.Fetch out cursor value and insert to another table
13.PLS-00394: wrong number of values in the INTO list of a FETCH statement
15.Fetch cursor data to number variable
16.Fetch cursor till cursorVariable%notfound
17.Fetch cursor to table collection of row type
18.Fetch cursor value to three variables
19.Fetch row by row
20.Fetch single column cursor to varchar2 variable