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1.Define and use Date data type
2.Date data types
3.Use DATE type column
4.Use DATE to mark a string as date value
5.Use SYSDATE in insert statement
6.Initialize value with date functions
7.Set date value to SYSDATE
8.check date value range
9.Insert statement converts text value to date type value

10.Are two dates equal
11.Use comparison operator with date type value
12.Compare date value after to_char() and trim()
13.Compare date value with sysdate or null value
14.Use to_char to format date
15.use to_char more than once to create long date format
16.Declare date type variable and set the value at the same time
17.Differences Between Dates
18.Extract year, month, day from a date
19.Insert sysdate value to date type column
20.Use if statement to compare two date type variable
21.Assign system date to date type variable
22.Date math
23.Date type column
24.Date value calculation in to_char function
25.Date variable
26.Date/Time literals
27.New ANSI DATE literal.
28.Store hour:minute information to date type variable
29.Assign date value as string to date type variable
30.Convert the character string back to date format