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1.Numeric Data Type Conversion Chart
2.Character Data Type Conversion Chart
3.declare number variable
4.Use number as the column type
5.Create a table with number type column: number(4)
6.Do calculation in select statement with number type column
7.Update number type column with calculation
8.Declare number variable and assign value
9.Identical declarations using NUMBER subtypes

10.A numeric variable with no specified size, no initial value
11.Use Case statement with number type value
13.use number value with in operator
14.Comparison operator with number value and order by
15.Number that exceeds precision
16.Compare number value in if statement
17.Compare number value with != (not equals)
18.Compare number value with 'between ... and'
19.Compare number value with =(equals)
20.Compare number value with > 5.1d, 42f from dual
22.Initiate number value to 0
23.Add one to current number type value of counter
24.An if-then statement comparing two numeric literals