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1.Use varchar2 as table column type
2.Comparison of CHAR with VARCHAR2 (Test the strings for equality)
3.Use % with like in a select statement for varchar2 column
4.declare varchar2 variables
5.Init a varchar2 type variable
6.varchar type are case sensitive
7.varchar2 type value with not null default value
8.Combine text string value in select clause
9.Are two text value equal

10.IN with text value
11.Change varchar type value
12.Assign a character string that is too long
13.Compare varchar2 value with =
14.Read clob data to varchar2 type variable
15.Use select into clause to assign value to a varchar2 type variable and output with dbms_output.put_line
16.Use case with switch varchar2 variable
17.Insert value to char type and varchar2 type
18.Check data size for varchar2 column
19.Varchar2 type column with different byte length
20.Varchar type variable is defined but has no value