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1.ROUND: Returns the number rounded to nearest value (precision adjustable)
2.Syntax: ROUND(,)
3.Specifying negative precision will round numbers on the left side of the decimal point, as shown here:
5.Simple demo for ROUND: round a number
6.ROUND with precision
7.ROUND(44.647, -1)
8.ROUND(Number,1): round values from column

11.Round an AVG function
12.Use ROUND function in PL/SQL
13.round Demo
14.Round date to day
15.Round price as new price
16.Round result from months_between
17.Rounding Up and Down
18.Rounds 7:45:26 P.M. on May 25, 2005, to the nearest hour
19.Rounds May 25, 2005, to the first day in the nearest month