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1.TRUNC(x [, y]) Returns the result of truncating x an optional y decimal places
2.TRUNC() returns its argument truncated to the number of decimal places specified with the second argument.
3.The value 109.29 was truncated to the single digit on the left side of the decimal point
4.TRUNC: Returns the truncated value (removes decimal part of a number, precision adjustable)
5.TRUNC with precision
6.TRUNC(44.647, 0)
7.TRUNC(44.647, -1)
8.TRUNC(Number,1): truncate values from a column
9.TRUNC(Number,-1) trunc( 12345.67890 ) trunc( 12345.67890, 2 )
12.Use TRUNC in PL/SQL
13.TRUNC Demo