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1.Crate table with object column
2.Use a table alias and the name of the object
3.Create table with user defined type as column
4.Create a table with user define varray as column type
5.Create a table with nested user defined type as column
6.Object table: a table of type
7.Use user-defined varray type as column type
8.Nested table
9.Create a table based on user-defined object only

10.Implementation of many to many using object references
11.Implementation of multiple inheritance relationship
12.Implementation of one to many using object references
13.Create table based on single data type
14.Create table with nested types
15.Create type and use it as table column
16.One to one using object references
17.Use user-defined type to combine query logic
18.Create a new type and add it to a table
19.Multilevel aggregation relationships using nested tables