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Create a function to convert string type variable to date type variable

SQL> create or replace
  2  function my_to_date( p_string in varchar2 ) return date
  3  as
  4      type fmtArray is table of varchar2(25);
  6      l_fmts  fmtArray := fmtArray( 'dd-mon-yyyy', 'dd-month-yyyy',
  7                                    'dd/mm/yyyy',
  8                                    'dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi:ss' );
  9      l_return date;
 10  begin
 11      for i in 1 .. l_fmts.count
 12      loop
 13          begin
 14              l_return := to_date( p_string, l_fmts(i) );
 15          exception
 16              when others then null;
 17          end;
 18          EXIT when l_return is not null;
 19      end loop;
 21      if ( l_return is null )
 22      then
 23          l_return :=
 24             new_time( to_date('01011970','ddmmyyyy') + 1/24/60/60 *
 25                       p_string, 'GMT', 'EST' );
 26      end if;
 28      return l_return;
 29  end;
 30  /

Function created.

SQL> select my_to_date('12-02-2008') from dual;
12-FEB-2008 00:00:00

1 row selected.

SQL> --


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