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1.Create a function to convert string type variable to date type variable
2.Fetch a bulk into a table structure
3.Define a nested table type for each column
4.Extend once, outside the loop for better performance
5.A package to manage a list of employees
6.Fill table of custom type and use it in for loop to insert
7.Table of custome type indexed by BINARY_INTEGER
8.Reference type attribute through index
9.Use for loop to fill a table collection

10.Select bulk collect into
11.Use for loop to insert value to table collection and then use table collection in another insert statement
12.The EXISTS Table Attribute
13.FIRST & LAST Table Attributes
14.NEXT & PRIOR Table Attributes
15.Uses the COUNT method to display the number of rows contained in a table collection
16.How to do a bulk collect into a nested table.
17.How to do a bulk collect into an associative array
18.Table collection indexed by column type