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1.Your first FOR loop
2.For loop: counter IN 1..5
3.Nesting FOR loops
4.REVERSE: Reversing the loop
5.Changing the loop increment
6.Use variable as an upper bound of for loop
7.Exit(break) a for loop
8.Call EXIT to exit a for loop
9.Call EXIT WHEN to exit a function

10.Put DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE in for loop
11.If... End if
12.A numeric FOR loop with insert statement
13.Use for counter in insert statement
14.The scope of the index of a FOR LOOP.
15.FOR Loop Ranges with variable
16.FOR Loop Scoping Rules
17.Numeric FOR Loop
18.Loop till count(*)
19.Use for loop as if statement
20.Use for loop to loop through result from a select statement
21.Define a looping indexer as member variable in a procedure
22.Numeric loop will ignore the externally scoped variable and create a new locally scoped variable.
23.Nested for loop
24.Nested for loop vs table join in for loop
25.loop index scope is limited to the FOR loop.
26.starting_number and ending_number must be integers.
27.For each reverse