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1.Varchar table indexed by BINARY_INTEGER
2.VARRAYs, nested tables, index-by tables
3.Define 'table of varchar2' as data type and insert data
4.Table of varchar2 element count
5.Delete element in table of varchar2
6.Table of varchar2 delete all
7.Insert elements into table of varchar2
8.Clear the table of varchar2
9.A NULL table, and a table with a NULL element.

10.Assign value to table records
11.Reference count property of table record
12.Call delete method with number on table record
13.Call delete method on table record
14.Assign value to table record after delete method call
15.Assing an empty table record to non-empty table record
16.first last next
17.dbms_sql.varchar2_table type
18.Assign to three elements of the table. Note that the key values are not sequential
19.behavior of NULL nested tables.
20.Declare a nested table with null values.
21.index by binary integer or by varchar2
22.Assign value to varchar2 collection by index
23.Assign values to subscripted members of the nested table.
24.Assign the first character index to a variable.
25.Assign the character index to a variable.
26.Allocate space as you increment the index.
27.You cannot traverse an associative array until elements are initialized.
28.Dynamic initialization and assignment in the execution section.