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1.Use 'format a30 heading' to define column name
2.Column format $9,999.99
3.Column heading format a13
4.column localtimestamp format a28
5.Use a13 to set the column length during displaying
6.Aligning decimals
7.Adding a group separator
8.Including a currency symbol
9.Wrapping text

12.Disable the column formatting
13.SET string to display when value is NULL
14.COLUMN Salary heading "Current|Salary" format $9999.99
15.COLUMN fname heading "emp|Name" format a10
16.COLUMN id heading "emp|Number" format 9999
17.Copy column format with 'col ... like'
18.column format: ascii type, 26 letter long
19.column number format
20.Column data is aligned by type
21.Word Wrapped column format
22.Set number column format
23.Set column format before doing the query
24.Set column heading with column command
25.Set column separation with colsep