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1.autotrace command
2.Autotrace on and off
3.Autotrace lower text function
4.Autotrace running total
5.Autotrace a query on a huge table
6.Autotrace a large table
7.Autotrace a query with group clause
8.Execution Plan
9.autotrace a nested query

10.set autotrace on explain for every single statement
11.set autotrace traceonly explain for bitmap index
12.set autotrace traceonly explain, and condition
13.set autotrace traceonly statistics
14.set autotrace traceonly statistics for 'select * from tableName'
15.set autotrace traceonly
16.AUTOTRACE exists (subquery)
17.AUTOTRACE table joining
18.AUTOTRACE table joining and aggregate function
19.autotrace ansi full outer join
20.autotrace count(*)
21.autotrace ctxsys.context index
22.autotrace merge command
23.autotrace table with/without an index