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1.A function using the LIKE operator to return a phone number's area code
2.Like with '__' (Any two characters)
3.Like with '_' and '%'
4.Use two '%' in Like statement
5.Using a NOT operator with like
6.Convert varchar value to upper case and then use like operator
7.Is Like case sensitive
8.Use % in word ending
9.Use two % signs in one like

10.Use two % signs in like
11.Like '%' function with varchar2 type
12.Like with % on both sides
13.Second letter is A
14.Create pattern dynamically and use it in like statement
15.Pattern Matching LIKE '%great%'
16.Using Pattern Matching LIKE '____ %'
17.comments like '%0\%%' escape '\'
18.Escape \
19.Description has 'SQL' substring