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1.The following code provides a breakdown of the basic SELECT statement on the Oracle platform:
2.Use Arithmetic operators with literal values to derive values: add 5 to salary
3.SELECT statement uses the not equal (< >) operator in the WHERE clause
4.Using the > operator
5.UPPER(SUBSTR(first_name, 2, 8)): Combining Functions
6.Plus in select statement
7.Minus in select
8.Math calculation in select

10.Returning All Columns
11.Returning Multiple Columns
12.Returning Rows Call
13.Employees from new york who have gifts
14.Find all employees who are younger than employee whose id is 9999
15.Selecting Categories That Contain Product
16.Selecting Products That Belong to Category
17.Selecting Products That Belong to Department with Join
18.Using select statement and char function to create insert statement