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1.Creat an empty procedure
2.replace a procedure
3.Create a stored procedure and how to call it.
4.Define procedure to insert data
5.Define and call procedure
6.Create procedure with authid
7.Create a stored procedure with authid
8.Mutually exclusive local subprograms.
9.A forward declaration.

10.Inner procedure
11.Save calculation result to a table in procedure
12.exception throwed out of the procedure
13.AUTHID clause in a CREATE PROCEDURE statement indicates that this procedure is being created with user's or invoker's rights
14.Increase gift price
15.A local subprogram within a stored procedure
16.Overloaded local procedures: number and varchar2
17.Using all the default values
18.Forward Referencing
19.Mark procedure with authid current_user
20.Reference package variable in a procedure
21.Only manager can change the password