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1.Number type parameter
2.create and pass in three parms
3.Store procedure with three parameters
4.create default values
5.positional and named notation for procedure calls.
6.Passing parameter by parameter name
7.Procedure with four parameters
8.First 2 parameters passed by position, the second 2 are passed by name
9.Pass null to procedure

10.Wrong way to reference parameters
11.Procedure with colunm type as parameter type
12.NOCOPY modifier.
13.Legal and illegal formal parameters which are constrained by length.
14.ParameterLength using %TYPE for the parameters(Calling ParameterLength illegally (ORA-6502))
15.Use SYS_REFCURSOR as parameter type
16.Different ways of calling a procedure with default parameters.
17.Default Parameter Values
18.Positional vs. named parameter passing.
19.Use column type to control parameter type
20.Use concatenation to wrap string passed in
21.User-defined collection type parameter