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1.First DBMS_SQL Example
2.Pass a query statement to a stored procedure
3.Use dbms_sql.open_cursor create a cursor
4.Use dbms_sql.bind_variable, dbms_sql.execute to insert value to a table
5.Use dbms_sql.bind_array to bind array to a cursor
6.Use dbms_sql.parse to bind a select statement to a cursor
7.Call dbms_sql.describe_columns2 to get info for a column
8.Non-Query DML and DDL Statements
9.Use DBMS_SQL with the RETURNING clause.

12.Dynamic sql statement with variable binding
13.Dynamic select statement and row fetch
14.Execute PL/SQL block
15.DBMS_SQL package: dynamic SQL
16.Pass where clause to a stored procedure
17.Executing Queries and use DBMS_SQL.COLUMN_VALUE to map value
18.Executing PL/SQL Blocks and use BIND_VARIABLE to bind variable
19.drop the supplied table using dynamic SQL.
21.illustrate the importance of setting out_value_size.
22.Calling a function which uses dynamic SQL from within an SQL statement.
23.Illustrates the interaction of roles and dynamic SQL.
24.illustrates a DDL statement which is built dynamically from the procedure parameters.
25.Use dbms_sql to process query, cursor and value
26.Use dbms_sql.bind_variable to bind variable
27.dbms_sql.varchar2_table type variable