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1.Query user_objects table
2.Query USER_OBJECTS table by object name
3.Query object_type, object_name from user_objects
4.Query user_objects table for all procedure
5.list all stored procedures: 'PROCEDURE', 'FUNCTION', 'PACKAGE', 'PACKAGE BODY'
6.Query user_objects in PL/SQL
7.Query a view in user_objects table for a view just created
8.Query user_objects for invalid package body
9.Query user-objects for stored procedure

10.Query user_objects for trigger
11.Query user_objects for invalid view
12.Query all INVALID objects from user_objects table
13.Get code for all procedure, function and package from user_objects
14.Query user_objects table for stored procedure before and after recompile
15.If procedure is valid
16.A procedure with dependencies
17.Check package status
18.Check new created tables in user_objects
19.Finding, Validating, and Describing Packages
20.Get object id for created table
21.Show the procedure is marked invalid **
22.Show the status of a procedure
23.To find out what procedures and functions you have created, use the following SQL query: