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1.Create temporary table
2.Create global temporary table from existing table
3.Create global temporary table with 'on commit delete rows' option
4.Temporary tables cannot be forced into logging.
5.Temporary tables support primary keys.
6.Temporary tables do not support foreign keys
7.You cannot alter a temporary table to change its data duration.(drop and recreate)
8.ORA-14452: attempt to create, alter or drop an index on temporary table already in use
9.Update a TEMPORARY TABLE and check the table it based on

10.create global temporary table on commit delete rows
11.Temporary table on commit preserce and delete
12.drop global temporary table
13.Insert into a temporary with select statement
14.Insert data into the temporary table.
15.truncate a global temporary table
16.Using Temporary Tables
17.Create global temporary table working_emps on commit preserve rows