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1.Store an XMLType type data in clob
2.Call existsNode() function from xmltype data
3.Create a table to hold the simple "Hello World" XML document
4.Create table myTable of xmltype
5.Creation of tables using XMLType data type and set the xml schema
6.Extract can be used in WHERE clause to search xml document
7.Insert xml document to a XMLType column with xmltype function
8.PL/SQL ability to access text within an XML document in the database
9.Query xmltype column

10.Update (i.e. replace) the entire XMLType column with new content
11.Use Aggregrate functions on XML data
12.Use Text() function to get text value from xml string
13.Use value function with single xmltype table
14.Use xmltype to convert xml string to xmltype data
15.XMLTYPE with xml schema
16.XMLtype column
18.Without the text() operator, returns node name + text value