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Process form with regular expression: time


<title>form page</title>

<p>here's my test form</p>
<form method = "post" action = "">
<p>First name: 
<input name = "firstName" type = "text" size = "20"></p>
<p>Last name: 
<input name = "lastName" type = "text" size = "20"></p>
<p>Phone number: 
<input name = "phone" type = "text" size = "20"></p>
<p>Date (MM/DD/YY): 
<input name = "date" type = "text" size = "20"></p>
<p>Time (HH:MM:SS): 
<input name = "time" type = "text" size = "20"></p>
<input type = "submit" value = "submit">
<input type = "reset" value = "reset">




use strict;
use warnings;
use CGI ':standard';

my $firstName = param( "firstName" );
my $lastName = param( "lastName" );
my $phone = param( "phone" );
my $date = param( "date" );
my $time = param( "time" );

print header();
print start_html( -title => "form page" );

if ( $time =~ m#^(1[012]|[1-9]):([0-5]\d):([0-5]\d)$# ) {
   print "<p>The time is $1 : $2 : $3.</p>";

print end_html();


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