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Accessing multidimensional array elements

$meals = array('breakfast' => array('A','C'),
               'lunch'     => array('B', 'E'),
               'snack'     => array('C','F'));

$lunches = array( array('Chicken','Eggplant','Rice'),

$flavors = array('Japanese' => array('hot' => '1',
                                     'salty' => '2'),
                 'Chinese'  => array('hot' => '3',
                                     'pepper-salty' => '4'));

print $meals['lunch'][1];            
print $meals['snack'][0];            
print $lunches[0][0];                
print $lunches[2][1];                
print $flavors['Japanese']['salty']  
print $flavors['Chinese']['hot'];    

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