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Functions for Sorting Arrays


sort              Value               No                          No

rsort             Value               Yes                         No

asort             Value               No                          Yes

arsort            Value               Yes                         Yes

ksort             Key                 No                          Yes

krsort            Key                 Yes                         Yes

usort             Value               User-defined                No

uasort            Value               User-defined                Yes

uksort            Key                 User-defined                Yes


    $nums = array(15, 2.2, -4, 2.3, 10); 
    printf("<pre>%s</pre>\n", var_export($nums, TRUE)); 
    $words = array('bird', 'fish', 'George', 'Aden'); 
    printf("<pre>%s</pre>\n", var_export($words, TRUE)); 
    $dogs = array('A' => 'C', 'B' => 'D', 'X' => 'Z', 'Q' => 'T'); 
    printf("<pre>%s</pre>\n", var_export($dogs, TRUE)); 

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