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Form select input

<TITLE>Candy preference form</TITLE>
<FORM ACTION="SelectFormControlHandler.php" METHOD="POST">
What's your most favorite kind of candy?<BR>
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="Candy" VALUE="peanut butter cups">Peanut butter cups<BR>
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="Candy" VALUE="Snickers">Snickers<BR>
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="Candy" VALUE="Turtles">Turtles<BR>
<INPUT TYPE="submit">

<!-- SelectFormControlHandler.php
<TITLE>Candy preference reply</TITLE>
Yum, <?php print("$Candy!  ");
if($Candy == "peanut butter cups"){
  print("peanut butter cups");
  print(" $Candy.");
  if($Candy == "Snickers"){
  }elseif($Candy == "Turtles"){


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