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HTML elements for use in forms

Element                             Description
input type="checkbox"               A checkbox that lets users select multiple options.
input type="file"                   A text box plus a button that opens a file selection dialog.
input type="hidden"                 A hidden form element where you set the value.
input type="password"               A text box where the text is replaced by a password character (usually asterisk *).
input type="radio"                  A radio button. Radio buttons are like grouped checkboxesyou can only select one at a time.
input type="reset"                  A button to clear the form. It's one of the weird oddities of the Web that this still existsdo you know anyone who uses it?
input type="submit"                 A button to submit the form.
input type="text"                   A text box.
option                              An option in a SELECT element.
select                              A listbox; can also be a drop-down list box.
textarea                            Multiline text box.

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