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$_SERVER extracts valuable server- and script-related information

PHP $_SERVER Arguments 

Argument           Result 

PHP_SELF           Returns the path and filename of the current script
SERVER_PROTOCOL    Returns the name and revision of the page-requested protocol 
REQUEST_METHOD     Returns the request method used to access the page 
REQUEST_TIME       Returns the timestamp from the beginning of the request 
DOCUMENT_ROOT      Returns the root directory of the current script
HTTP_REFERER       Returns the page address that referred to the current page 
HTTP_USER_AGENT    Returns the user agent of the header from the current request 
REMOTE_ADDR        Returns the IP address of the current user 
REMOTE_PORT        Returns the port of the user's machine that is accessing the page 
SCRIPT_FILENAME    Returns the absolute filename from the current script 
SCRIPT_NAME        Returns the path of the current script

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